“I was surrounded by the ocean so you can't really ignore it, and it's hard to ignore because it's beautiful.”

About Amber Mozo:

Living on the island of Hawaii her whole life, Sisstr photographer Amber Mozo has grown up around the ocean - she lives and breathes the sea. Inheriting a love of surfing and photography from her late father, Jon Mozo, a surf photographer himself who passed away at Pipe; she's made it her mission to travel the world taking photos of every adventure along the way.

When we first met Amber she was well on a trip, and then the next time we spoke, and the next time, yup she was on yet another trip. She's always dreaming of her next destination and when she falls in love with a place she just stays as long as she possibliy can. Along the way making friends, finding new places to shoot, surf and discover the world around her through her lens.