My name is Jazmine Dean and I'm a professional athlete. Let me tell you, if you want to feel good and help the planet, jump on the juicing bandwagon! One of the greatest feelings I've felt in this lifetime I give complete credit to the purity and sense of clarity that juice cleansing has given me.

"Picture a pineapple, apple, ginger root, and some cilantro in its golden liquid purity after a day in the sun at the beach surfing. I like to picture how pure the movement of life is from the sun to the plants, the rain to the soil, then the liquid and all the nutrients from the natural world unaltered into my being. It makes me happy to think that I'm just another little plant !"

Going to the local southern style fruit and veggie market, the produce is so wonderfully ripe; and I appreciate the fact this produce didn't travel far and is abundantly in season. I fill baskets and bags with the whole rainbow and find it beautiful how it didn't and won't create anything out of cycle with nature (like packaging waste). From farms to peach baskets, to my basket, to my plant body, then back to the Earth. Never needing to touch all the industrial drama.

I once heard this concept - if you think about your vibration and what "food" has the highest vibration; fruit is given as an offering from the plant kingdom. A mango tree offers it's sweet gold, whether or not you eat the mango, it will grow, it will fall, and it will reach it's end over and over again. You can join that ecosystem and break down the mango within your vessel. Your body knows exactly how to use this plant; and the energy is created and passed along full circle without harming or taking.


Could you imagine full time functioning within this energy exchange?


They say it takes around 15 minutes for your body to start digesting and reaping the benefits of a fresh juice but don't quote me on statistics. The point is that your body is happy and doesn't have to work very hard to feel that way. It likes this substance and it helps it with multiple tasks the body has been storing up to work on. It would like to dismiss those non-natural substances that made their way in.

For the most part, the body is fighting two things that disrupt the ecosystem and flow. With time in this pure cycle (juice cleansing) your body is getting the little screw drivers and sanders to start cleaning out all the nonbeneficial stuff hanging around in the body. Every plant's health benefits also pairs with the benefits of another, and they offer so much bonus help!

"With only juicing plants for weeks in a row, I've understood that connecting to the rhythm of the plant and natural kingdom without obstruction from clogged energy spots on the inside, you can be really well off. My balance gets better, (it's real fun to be upside-down in a handstand and holding a perfect line effortlessly), I start smelling sweet like a flower, my mind goes farther and my basic understandings come naturally. For me, discovering this was a process..." 

To sum up in a less hippie way, it feels so natural to juice plants/vegetables and after a long enough period of time if you are only putting in this stuff that sings to the same note as your body, you align. You feel sort of weightless. The clouds clear away and the sun shines on and in you.

-Jazmine Dean


Recipe for Jazmine's Green Machine:

1/2 Large Pineapple peeled, cored and cut into pieces
3 Large Apples
2 ounce fresh Ginger root , (about 1/2 cup chopped & peeled)
1/2 a bunch of Cilantro
1 Medium Cucumber
1 Handful of Kale
1 Handful of Spinach