Chrislyn Simpson-Kane

Chrislyn 🌺 We are so excited to welcome Chrislyn Simpson-Kane, the youngest female to ever surf Jaws, to our team here at Sisstr. Her bravery and love for surfing is infectious - we can't wait for the adventures ahead! Meet Chrislyn:
Age: ​14
Hometown: ​Kuau, Maui, Hawaii
Goofy or Regular? Goofy
Surfboard of Choice: My 5'6" Jud Lau Excalibur for shortboarding, 9'0" Jud Lau Big Wave Gun for Peahi, and 9'4" Manuela Shapes for Longboarding. 
How would you describe your style of surfing? ​I would describe my style of surfing as soulful, smooth and strong.    
What’s your favorite Sisstr style to surf in? ​Right now, my favorite suit is the Island Aura one piece.