Born and raised in Hossegor, France, Lilo grew up in a “surf family” surrounded by 2 older sisters. She started surfing with her dad when she was 7 years old and since then has surfed many waves around the world. However the dreamy but powerful beach breaks of Les Landes remain her favorites. You will generally find her surfing one of the many sandbanks between “Les Casernes” and “La Gravière”. Since 2021 she's part of a "Pôle Espoir", a Surf Academy in Biarritz, which allows to combine her passion for surfing with her studies. After surfing she’d love to pursue a career to become an airline pilot and keep discovering new waves, meet different people and cultures.

She's very passionate about her environment, plus her favorites things….. surfing with friends, jumping from the Hossegor bridge, eating at sunset in front of the ocean, walking her dog and trying to beat her dad at tennis.


Keep an eye for her if you ever travel to “Les Landes” and if you are nice she might give you a few local tips.

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